//Horizon Staffer Touts Advantages of Salt Chlorinator

Horizon Staffer Touts Advantages of Salt Chlorinator

As the weather begins to warm up and backyard pools here in Florida are getting more and more use, homeowners who still use liquid chlorine in their pools are starting to debate the benefits of converting their backyard oasis to a salt chlorinator.

“We still have many customers who stop by to have their water tested and fill their chlorine jugs each week,” said ___ of Horizon Pool and Patio in Wellington, Florida. “It’s a very effective method for killing viruses and bacteria and keeping their pools sanitized, but salt water systems are equally effective and require much less maintenance,” he said.

Having to work with chlorine is a problem for many homeowners. They don’t like the dangers associated with this chemical, the fact that it can burn skin, eyes, and lungs. They tire of carrying those heavy jugs back and forth to the store to refill. And they hate having to store this potent chemical in their home.

On the flip side, homeowners rave about their new salt chlorination systems.

“When we install a salt system in a customer’s pool, we always hear positive feedback,” ___ continued. “They love the silky feel of the water, the fact that it doesn’t burn their kids’ eyes or dry out their skin. And if they have blond hair, forget it! They are thrilled not to have that ugly green tinge in it!” he said.

“They are also thrilled with how easy the salt chlorination system is to manage. It takes so little work. And they no longer have that chlorine smell on their skin long after they get out!”

“Some of our customers question if the salt system is as effective as traditional liquid chlorine. What they don’t know is that you’re not really changing the chemistry of the pool at all. It is still killing the bacteria, viruses and algae that it always has. With the salt system, you’re just generating the sterilizing agent differently,” ___ said.

And a salt system can, in the long run, can be a money-saver.

“Another thing homeowners rarely realize is that even though they have to make the initial investment, in the long range, they will save money based on how much less they spend on maintenance. Chlorine is much more expensive than salt!” he concluded.

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