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Resurface and Renovation

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If your pool is in need of a facelift, a design specialist can help you modernize your pool and create the outdoor living space of your dreams. Horizon Pool and Patio is recognized as one of South Florida’s top-rated pool renovation companies and hosts a showroom in their Wellington store that has hundreds of samples to view, touch and compare.


Horizon’s goals are to provide each and every client with outstanding service and superior quality workmanship. How they do that is by using the highest quality pool resurfacing products. Their experience in the application process guarantees you will receive a high quality product that will last for years.

Whether you need an entire renovation or just pieces, here are some ways that Horizon Pool and Patio can help you turn your outdoor pool into an outdoor oasis of your dreams.

  • Planter Walls (creates a whole new look very affordably)
  • Water Features (create a high-end look without major restructure or renovation)
  • Colored LED Lights (a more modern alternative than a light bulb)
  • Salt Chlorine Generators (always the right level of chlorine)
  • Automation, including total control from your smart phone
  • Waterline tile (update the tile look for a completely new look)
  • Mosaic tile design (fun designs for residential or commercial or logos for commercial pools)
  • Heating options (electric, gas or solar)
  • Variable speed pump (more energy efficient option for pool pump)


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