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Post-Storm Pool Cleanup

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Whether a major hurricane or a typical South Florida afternoon storm, pools need to be cleaned and rebalanced. Rain water is one of the leading reasons a pool’s chemical balance can be thrown off within a very short time.

Horizon Pool and Patio can help with  post-storm clean ups. This service is a great option for residential and commercial pool owners who need a little extra assistance in getting their outdoor oasis back to normal. A technician will perform the necessary services to get your pool and spa operating at its highest level at once again.

Step one consists of draining the pool, acid washing walls with muriatic acid to remove stains, removing (if necessary) any debris and refilling pool.

Step two would include cleaning skimmer, pump basket, and filter.

Step three is focused on chemical balance. The perfect blend of chemicals include chlorine, acid, bicarb, and calcium, and in addition, salt for pools with salt systems. Stabilizer, algaecide and other specialty chemicals will be added as needed.

The final step is a full inspection of the pool equipment to ensure the pool will remain clear, sparkling and safe for use. Or just as simple as needing a shock and good vacuum.