//Which Pool Heater Best Fits You?

Which Pool Heater Best Fits You?

Pool nightDid you know there is more than just one pool heater option out there? Here are three different options that could help you find the perfect heater for your pool.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters (also referred to as heat pumps) heat the pool water by cycling it through a pump, which takes the outside air and transfers the heat into the water from the refrigeration cycle. The warm water is then pumped back into the pool to meet desired water temperatures.

  • PROS
    o Lower upfront cost
    o Heats pool water quickly
    o Works in any outdoor temperature
  • CONS
    o Higher utility costs


Gas Powered Heaters

Gas powered heaters do the job by pumping the water through the heater and using gas heat to warm the water before it is pumped back into the pool. Gas heaters are less expensive to purchase and install, driving many people to gas heaters.

  • PROS
    o Heats quickly
    o Energy efficient
    o Fewer mechanical issues
  • CONS
    o Purchasing gas
    o Expensive choice overall

Solar Power Heat Pumps

Eco-friendly and affordable to operate once they’re installed. Solar pool heaters are a no-brainer in hot climates, but they’re versatile enough to provide real warmth, and real value, in colder climes as well.

  • PROS
    o Solar energy is free
    o Most energy efficient option
    o Environmentally friendly
  • CONS
    o More expensive initially
    o Takes longer to heat
    o Less efficient heating during overcast and evenings

Call The Heater Experts At Horizon

When looking for the right heater for you, call the experts at Horizon Pool and Patio. From free water testing to pool maintenance, the experts at Horizon Pool and Patio are standing by to answer questions you have about the pool maintenance process, leak detection, and more. So, what are you waiting for? If you suspect a leak in your pool, call Horizon Pool and Patio today at 561-790-0665 to get started.

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