//When to Change Your Pool Cartridge Filter

When to Change Your Pool Cartridge Filter

When to Change Your Pool Cartridge Filter

Swimming pool filter cartridges help keep your pool clean and can be used for pools with a capacity of 30,000 gallons of water or less. The filter cartridge is typically made of polyester cloth or corrugated paper that serves as a filter. When the filter is clogged and dirty, your entire pool can become unsightly and unsanitary. So, when do you need to change your pool filter cartridge? Check out these tips on how often you should replace your pool filter to keep your water safe and clean.

Pool Filter Life

Pool filter cartridges can run for about 2,000 hours in a filter pump and should be replaced every 1-2 years. Note that the filter cartridge will not last as long due to sunscreen, deodorants, hair care products, and other chemicals that come into contact with your pool water.
Observe the condition of your filter cartridge over time. If the cloth appears loose, or if the cartridge is damaged, you are likely due for a filter replacement.
Change your filter when it has reached its maximum limit, whether there is a pressure of 8 psi or higher in the canister, or when there’s damage in the center core of the cartridge. Keep in mind that if you notice a reduced water flow, your cartridge is clogged and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Filter Usage and Size

Replacing your pool filter cartridge depends on pool size, use, and quality of water used. For pools that are used often, these filters get clogged with dirt, body oils, and other waste. Rinsing your filter after every water change can help prevent this buildup in your swimming pool. Remove the filter from the cartridge and rinse it off with a brush, hose, and non-chlorinated water. Repeat this process at least once a week for optimal performance.

Extend the Life of Your Pool Filter Cartridge

Use water clarifiers such as diatomaceous earth to minimize the risk of clogging and extend the life of your pool filter. For hot tub owners, run your hot tub at least one hour every day to help promote adequate water flow. Lastly, add an oil-absorbing sponge to your pool so that your filter is spared from body oils and other chemicals.

Talk to a Pool Professional Today

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