//When Is It Time to Refinish a Pool?

When Is It Time to Refinish a Pool?

When Is It Time to Refinish a Pool?

While cooler months in South Florida usually mean taking a vacation from pool maintenance, it is actually a smart time to pay close attention. Tending to any repairs or renovations is much easier when the pool is not getting frequent use. Getting these repairs done now means not losing out on swim time once the temperatures rise again. Let’s look at some of the things to be watchful of this time of year.

Pool Resurfacing 101

If your pool surface is starting to stain or material is starting to come off, a resurfacing project in most likely in order. Chemicals, minerals and other materials in the water (leaves, debris) can cause the coloring of the surface of your pool to change over the years. Green and red-ish stains can be algae, but if they are not easily cleaned off, it could be an indicator that it is time for a pool resurface. Additionally, years of use can cause the surface material to break down and feel like sandpaper. If you see the raw gunite coming through the pool surface appearing like a gray color, you will want to resurface your pool sooner than later.

What Pool Surface is Right For You?

The type of pool surface you should select will depend on your family, how you use your pool and the look you want to create. Horizon Pool and Patio offers two types of surface options:
” Pebble Tec is made from cement blended with pebble aggregates. It comes in a variety of colors ranging from white to black with many shaded of blue in between. It has some texture from the tumbles colored stones in the mix, but gives a beautiful natural finish look. It has a long life span of 20+ years.
” Quartz finish is an exposed aggregate pool finish blended from natural quartz and cement. It comes in a wide range of colors finishes, is easy to maintain and lasts about 7-12 years.

Schedule Your Pool Resurface Project Today

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