//What to Do If Your Pool Is Suffering from Algae Buildup

What to Do If Your Pool Is Suffering from Algae Buildup

Has your pool been looking a little worse for wear lately? Perhaps you’ve noticed it’s looking cloudy but have been hesitant to mention anything. Don’t worry, pool algae happens to even the best of pool owners. If you’re noticing an algae buildup in your pool then it’s best to stop it early before it gets worse. Here’s what you can do if your pool is suffering from an algae attack.

Algae Types to Be Aware Of

There are three main algae types than can affect your pool, making your water cloudy or even turning it yellow or green. Green algae will float in your water and attach to your pool wall. Black algae can be found crawling into concrete surfaces, so you’ll need to ensure you kill all of the bacteria so it doesn’t grow back. Yellow algae usually grows in shady areas and may even be mistaken for dirt or sand at the bottom of your pool.

Stop It Before It Gets Worse

The best thing you can do for your pool when you see algae is schedule an appointment with your pool maintenance team. While waiting for your appointment, try to brush the algae off your pool walls with a stiff pool brush. Scrubbing will cause your pool to become cloudy so focus on the toughest spots first. You’ll also need to use a shock treatment on your pool before filtering the algae out. Don’t be afraid to test your water multiple times to ensure your water levels are back to normal before getting back into your pool.

If you’re noticing an algae issue, don’t hesitate to call Horizon Pool & Patio. We can help you with all of your pool needs!

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