//What Is A Salt System?

What Is A Salt System?

What Is A Salt System?

A salt-water system electronically converts the salt into chlorine, thus keeping your swimming pool clean.

Salt System Pool Concerns

• Will it hurt my eyes? – Salt pools are nothing like what we swim in when we’re in the ocean. In fact, salt pools have 1/10 the level of salt that an ocean has.
• How much does it cost? – Saltwater generators do cost more money upfront. Using salt systems positions you to spend less on chemicals year after year, which will easily surpass the upfront costs. Regular chlorine users spend well over $300 a year on chemicals.
• Will it taste salty? The salt levels are so low in the pool that most people don’t even know they are swimming in it.

What Are The Benefits?

There are some awesome benefits to having a salt system for your pool.
• Annual Savings- as stated before, the system may cost more upfront, but annually will cost you less than a chlorine pool will.
• Easy on the eyes – salt system pools are proven to be better on your eyes, skin and swimming suits.
• Require less maintenance – the salt cells in a salt water system only produce chlorine as needed, the pools require far less maintenance when compared to traditional chlorinated swimming pools.

Call The Salt System Experts

Looking to get a salt system for your pool or have any questions about the salt system? Call the experts at Horizon Pool and Patio! At Horizon Pool and Patio, we offer a full range of pool care solutions for South Florida pool owners. 561-790-0665

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