//There Is More Than One Heating Option For Your Pool!

There Is More Than One Heating Option For Your Pool!

There Is More Than One Heating Option For Your Pool!

When the topic of pool heaters comes up, some people don’t realize there is more than one option. There are actually three heating styles to consider when looking to heat your pool.

Option Number 1.

The first option is a gas-powered pool heater. These require a propane tank or a natural gas hookup. These are typically used for spas, as they keep the water at a constant temperature, however there are many pool heaters that also use gas. The number one reason people choose gas over electric or solar is the speed at which gas heaters will achieve the desired temperature, regardless of the outside air temperature.

Option Number 2.

Option number two is the heat pump which is three times less expensive to operate than a propane gas heater. Heat pumps work by removing heat from the surrounding air, then transferring the heat directly to the water in the pool. This is the opposite of what an air conditioning unit does, so heat pumps are basically reverse air conditioning units. Heat pumps are able to maintain the desired temperature except in extremely low temperatures.

Option Number 3.

Number three is the solar heater, which uses the sun’s heat to warm your swimming pool. Solar heaters heat the pool water directly, by pumping it through solar panels which conduct the sun’s heat into the pool water. This heat is free since it is transferred to the pool water by your existing pool pump which is already running daily to circulate the pool water. With solar heaters, the water is simply diverted through the panels which are mounted on your roof. You can expect solar to increase the temperature in your pool by 10-14º above a non-heated pool using your existing pool pump.

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