//Salt Chlorinator Offers Pool Owners Many Benefits

Salt Chlorinator Offers Pool Owners Many Benefits

You’ve heard the neighbors raving about their new salt water chlorinator. They seem to love everything about it. But is it a worthwhile investment for you? Why should you invest money in something most of your guests won’t even notice?

Actually, there are many reasons why a salt chlorinator will make your pool a better, more appealing feature of your home. And, whether guests actually comment or not, it will make your experience with your pool better.

The Top 4 Reasons You Will Be Glad You Switched to a Salt Water Chlorinator:

  1. You won’t need to use liquid chlorine.

And that’s a good thing. If you’ve done it, you know why. No one enjoys lugging heavy chlorine jugs back and forth to the pool store. Then, you have to deal with the fact that it loses its potency quickly, it can burn your eyes and skin—and is dangerous if you breath it in. And, you have to store it somewhere, as well.

  1. You hate the smell of chlorine.

It’s one thing to smell chlorine while you’re swimming in your pool. But when you ‘re out doing something else hours later, and your skin and hair still smell like the pool, well, yuck! They don’t exactly bottle and sell that smell as perfume.

  1. Chlorine is tough on everything.

You know the feeling. You open your eyes underwater and—owww! It burns! And then, hours later, your eyes are still red and irritated from the pool’s chlorine. Chlorine can also make blond hair turn green and make skin turn itchy and dry. Even your bathing suits can be damaged by chlorine, as their color bleaches out of them, and they begin to appear worn.

  1. Salt Water Pools Make Softer Water

Some homeowners actually describe the water created by their saltwater chlorinator as “silky.”   It’s much easier on their skin, doesn’t have a strong odor and isn’t as salty as people expect.

All in all, homeowners who have switched to a saltwater chlorinator are thrilled with their decision. It makes their lives easier, much more maintenance free and provides a better, more pleasant swimming experience. After all, you have a swimming pool to add to your enjoyment of your home. When it comes to your pool, a saltwater chlorinator will certainly add to the enjoyment of your swimming experience.

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