//Rainwater and Your Swimming Pool

Rainwater and Your Swimming Pool

Heavy rains are a common occurrence in south Florida. Rainfall can create problems for lawns, gardens, and swimming pools, including water damage and common health concerns that arise from the effect of heavy rain water in pools. If you are a south Florida pool owner, consider these tips for maintaining your pool after heavy rains, when to take action, and what to do.

Heavy Rain and Pool Maintenance

Your swimming pool relies on proper maintenance to prevent problems such as algae, bacteria, and mosquito breeding. When neglected for too long, swimming in an untreated pool can lead to skin disorders and bacterial infection. Due to its acidity, rain water can sometimes alter the chemical composition of your swimming pool and lower its resistance to bacteria and algae contamination. Heavy rain can wash debris into your pool, therefore it is crucial to keep a close watch on your swimming pool’s cleanliness and chemical levels year-round.

What to do After Heavy Rainfall

For pool owners with professional pool maintenance service, the bulk of your routine maintenance will be taken care of. However, after a heavy storm, you may also need to address certain maintenance issues on your own. Below are a few tips on pool care after a heavy rain:

  1. Clean your pool of debris. Doing so will help maintain your pool’s appearance, prevent mosquitoes from breeding in floating debris, and extends the life of your pool’s filters and water circulation systems.
  2. Check the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels of your pool. This will maintain the clear quality of the water and prevent health risks.
  3. Monitor the water level of your pool. It is important for pool owners to ensure that the chemical balance is right for clean and safe pool use.

Horizon Pool and Patio Pool Maintenance and Repair Services

Ready to get your pool back on track after a heavy rainstorm or hurricane? Remember to stick to a regular maintenance schedule so that your pool does not become a problem. For professional residential and commercial pool maintenance services, contact Horizon Pool and Patio for maintenance tips in between scheduled cleanings.
To learn more about our pool maintenance services, call (561) 790-0665.

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