//Pros and Cons of Chlorine Swimming Pools

Pros and Cons of Chlorine Swimming Pools

Salt water chlorination is quickly growing in popularity among homeowners, but traditional chlorination still offers several benefits that have made them the most popular type of pool on the market to date. Consider your options when shopping for the right chlorination system for your pool. Here’s what to keep in mind when looking at the pros and cons of traditional chlorination versus its salt water counterpart:

The Positive

  • Traditional chlorination systems are less expensive to install than salt water systems. Keep in mind that treating your pool with chlorine and installing a chlorination system will set you back far less than salt water systems will.
  • Salt water pools are easier to maintain, but they still require care and upkeep. You are more likely to find a pool care company that can treat a traditional chlorine system.

The Negative

  • Traditional chlorination is not as gentle on the skin as salt water pools. The chemicals in the chlorine can dry out your hair and irritate eyes and skin, even with regular maintenance.
  • Chlorine pools require a higher level of care and attention than salt water pools.
  • The gases produced by chlorine pool systems and the regular use of pool treatment chemicals make for a less eco-friendly swimming pool.

Chlorine Pool Maintenance

What is the best way to maintain your chlorine pool? Remember to keep your chemical levels balanced to ensure your system is safe and functioning properly. Pool owners should always remember to follow the label instructions on their chlorine treatment so that the pH balance and chlorine of their pools remain at their proper levels. With regular care and maintenance, chlorine pools will stay clean and clear all year long.

Where to Find a Chlorine Pool System

The verdict? Chlorine systems are less expensive up front and are less likely to corrode existing fixtures in your pool, while salt water pools are more eco-friendly and more cost-effective down the line. However, with careful planning and attention, either chlorination system will make an excellent addition to the right swimming pool.

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