//Preparing Your Pool for Hurricane Season

Preparing Your Pool for Hurricane Season

Welcome to hurricane season that paint the picture of afternoon thunderstorms everyday. And when there are tropical storms and hurricanes in our area, they usually bring an excessive amount of water into the pool and yard. Horizon Pool and Patio wants to make sure you are prepared this season!

What to Remove On The Patio

Remove anything that sits on or around your patio, including toys and patio furniture. Anything that can potentially be picked up by the heavy winds and used as projectile. Surprisingly, that includes heavy items such as big planters and heavy furniture. In years past, it was recommended to place your patio furniture in the pool water. That is no longer recommended at all because studies have shown they can do more damage that way as projectiles.

Should I Empty the Pool Water When a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Is Approaching?

Do not lower the water level in your pool to prepare for an incoming storm. In the past, it was recommended to empty the pool water, but your pool could actually crack and be damaged by doing this. The damage is quite expensive to fix and will create even bigger problems.

Should I Leave The Pump On?

When the storm is approaching, turn off all of the electrical power to the pool and spa components from the circuit breaker and leave off until it is safe to turn back off after the storm.

Call The Pool Experts Before And After Storms Hit Florida

Horizon Pool and Patio is fully licensed, insured, and certified and are considered the experts in the pool clean up and restoration. They can help guide you throughout the process and help determine the best solutions for preparing for hurricane season. For more information, call Horizon Pool and Patio at (561) 790-0665 or visit their website at www.horizonpool.com

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