//Pool Equipment Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Pool Equipment Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

A backyard swimming pool is a long-term investment, why risk making a rookie mistake when it comes to caring for your pool equipment? Read on to find out the common pool equipment mistakes to avoid and what you can do to prevent an expensive repair bill down the line.

Do You Have an Algae Problem?

Take a good look at your swimming pool and ask yourself, “Does my pool have an algae problem?” If you are neglecting basic upkeep of your swimming pool, algae might be the issue at hand.

Many inexperienced pool owners try to take matters into their own hands by using their automatic cleaner to blow the algae out of their swimming pool. Doing so can actually make the problem worse, as it tends to spread the algae instead of eliminating it at the source. To effectively remove algae, vacuum it up manually. Just be sure that you’ve removed the drain plug so it can be sucked up straight into your vacuum.

Damage to Your Pool Pump and Water Filter

Did you know that keeping your pH levels too low will cause your pool to become too acidic? Don’t skimp out on your pool’s chemicals, because even though your pool looks clean and healthy, a highly acidic pH level can damage the following:

  • Your pool’s filter and pump
  • Your pool’s heater
  • Your pool’s vinyl liner
  • Your pool’s solar blanket
  • Your pool’s maintenance equipment.

If your pool’s pH gets low enough, it can ruin anything that touches the water. Test your pool regularly to ensure it is high enough. The alkalinity level should range between 80 ppm and 120 ppm. Just be careful adding too much at once. When your alkalinity level is too high (due to its cloudy appearance), it can be difficult to get it just right. Add a little bit of acid at a time with three days of rest in between so you don’t overbalance the pool chemicals.

Horizon Pool and Patio: Your South Florida Pool Equipment Experts

While being a pool owner means year-round fun in the South Florida sun, avoiding these common pool equipment traps will ensure that you navigate these problems quickly and spend more time enjoying all the benefits pool ownership has to offer.

For more information on our professional pool maintenance services and supplies, contact the swimming pool experts at Horizon Pool and Patio today at 561-790-0665 or visit our Wellington store located at 12785 West Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414.

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