//Increase Home Value with Pool Improvement

Increase Home Value with Pool Improvement

Thinking of ways to increase your home’s value? If you’re in the market for selling your home in 2017, consider a new renovation project to increase its selling power. From full-on kitchen renovations, home automation, to landscape maintenance for boosting curb appeal, giving your home a little TLC is a surefire way to help you stand out in the South Florida housing market.

As you prepare your home for selling, consider one of your home’s most valuable investments:  your swimming pool. Inground pool renovations are a great way to substantially increase your home’s overall value during a sale or appraisal. Backyard swimming pools are a popular renovation and a staple in many South Florida homes, but it takes more than just a filter replacement to get potential buyers buzzing.

The best way to help you stand out? Invest in necessary pool maintenance to give your home an edge. Many homeowners overlook simple maintenance tasks that keep their pools in good condition. It can be unfavorable when a buyer is thinks your pool is more trouble than it’s worth.

A neglected pool has the power to scare off potential buyers. That’s why homeowners must keep up with regular maintenance and add improvements that make the pool safer, easier to maintain and leave a lasting impression.

How to Remove Pool Stains

It’s no secret that a stained, neglected swimming pool looks old, dirty, and uninviting. Start by making sure your pool is clean and check for surface stains. Leaves, bugs, and other debris can contribute to staining, but are relatively easy to remove with an overnight shock treatment or drain and acid wash.

Metals like copper and iron can leave unsightly rust stains at the bottom of your pool. Chemical imbalances can also lead to permanent staining, costing you a hefty repair bill down the line.

Metallic stains typically require professional treatment. Pool care companies have the tools needed to help you properly scrub your pool of pesky stains. A professional can help you determine the types of metals and levels causing stains, as well as recommend any additives or chemicals to aid in the treatment process.

Preventative Pool Maintenance

The best way to battle surface stains is through proper care and preventative maintenance. This can be done by regularly testing your water’s chlorine, alkalinity, and pH levels to prevent water from damaging your pool equipment. Remove any debris and regularly vacuum your pool before a stain forms.

Other preventative maintenance tasks include replacing filters, cartridges, and pumps when needed.

Add chlorine regularly to avoid algae growth. Note any landscaping such as erosion washing in soil, and scrub the tiles or pool edge along the water line.

Give your pool a facelift with a deep cleaning and replacement of caulk, grout, and broken pool parts. Routine scrubbing will prevent the buildup of algae and keep your pool looking clean and healthy all season long.

 Safety and Equipment Upgrades

In addition to preventative maintenance, consider your pool’s safety and whether your equipment needs to be upgraded. Improvements that help cut back on maintenance include energy-efficient speed pumps, salt water generators, and specialized jets or pumps to improve the quality of your pool. Upgrade your pool deck or seek a professional pool care company for resurfacing.

For homeowners looking to fine tune their pool’s safety measures, invest in childproof fencing or safety gates. Even better, pool surface alarms offer the added benefit of alerting homeowners when people or animals fall in. The very best method to avoid pool accidents is constant supervision.

Residential Pool Maintenance from Horizon Pool and Patio

With proper care and maintenance, you’re guaranteed to improve the quality of your pool in no time. Prepare you home for selling and increase your ROI with residential and commercial pool maintenance services from Horizon Pool and Patio, your certified pool care experts.

From service visits for pool cleaning, chemical balance maintenance, to routine safety and equipment inspections, our service plans are flexible and can be tailored to fit your pool’s specific needs. Our team of expert technicians is highly trained and CPO certified, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the highest level of service with every visit.

For pool maintenance, renovations, and repairs, trust the professionals at Horizon Pool and Patio. Ready to get started? Give us a call today at (561) 790-0665 or visit our retail store in the Wellington Plaza next to Schaefer Drugs located at 12785A Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414.

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