//How To: Make Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump More Efficient

How To: Make Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump More Efficient

How To: Make Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump More Efficient

Ever wondered what you could do to help make your swimming pool pump more efficient? For South Florida pool owners, consider these easy tips to reduce energy consumption and heating costs.

Choose the Right Heater for Your Swimming Pool

Some pool heaters require higher upfront costs and lower maintenance costs, while other heating systems offer lower upfront costs and higher maintenance costs down the line.
Research the type of heating systems best fit for your pool and budget, or contact the experts at Horizon Pool and Patio to learn more about the different types of heaters we have to offer.

Run Your Pool Pump When You Turn Off Your Heater

When your pool pump is running, the water is constantly circulating at a consistent temperature throughout your swimming pool. When your pool pump is not running, warmer water rises to the top of the pool while colder water sinks to the bottom. As a result, the surface temperature will be higher when your pool pump is not running. This contrast of water temperatures accelerates heat loss from your swimming pool.

Maintain Your Pool Pump

For best results, maintain appropriate water temperatures between 78° to 82°F when your pool is in use. Lower the water temperature when your pool is not in use. By lowering your water temperature 1°F, pool owners can save 10-30% in heating costs per month.

South Florida Swimming Pool Heat Pumps and Automation Systems

By following any of these tips, you can have the best of both worlds: a perfectly heated swimming pool and reduced energy costs. Interested in learning more about heating and automation systems for your South Florida swimming pool? Choose the professionals at Horizon Pool and Patio, Palm Beach County’s trusted pool experts. To get started, contact Horizon Pool and Patio today at (561) 790-0665.

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