//How to Be a Pro at Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

How to Be a Pro at Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

Now that summer is getting close, it is a great time to start thinking about how to get your swimming pool ready for your pool parties, gatherings and overall increased usage. Cleaning your swimming pool in itself is not that complicated, but it does require regular attention and care. Read below for an overview on swimming pool cleaning basics.

Cleaning Your Swimming Pool-The Process

SKIM The first step is to skim your swimming pool with a quality pool net to get rid of debris, leaves and bugs. You want to make sure to skim the pool before these items fall to the bottom of the pool, which can potentially stain the surface.

BRUSH The next step in pool cleaning is to brush the sides and bottom of the pool. This will keep algae at bay and also push dirt toward the bottom, making it easier to vacuum it up. There are some different options of pool brushes, and you will want to select one based on the surface of your pool.

VACUUM Make sure to vacuum weekly to keep a clean swimming pool. A manual pool vacuum does the job, but you may want to opt for a robotic pool vacuum if the task is proving too much.

FILTER A job that is often skipped in the pool cleaning process is the pool filter. Make sure to rinse it off to check for debris. If your pool filter is dirty, your pool water is dirty!

CHEMICALS Finally, check the chemical levels in your pool, add chemicals and shock it is needed. The more rain and heat the pool gets, the more the chemicals need to be checked and adjusted.

Where to Find a Pool Cleaning Service

Keeping your pool clean not only makes for a better swimming experience, it also extends the life of the pool surface and pool equipment, bathing suits and toys. Horizon Pool and Patio has a staff of pool experts ready to help answer all of your pool cleaning and maintenance questions.

Recognized as the premier pool cleaning and maintenance specialist in Palm Beach County, Horizon has been serving the Central-Western communities since 1985. As a family-owned and operated business, we are committed to providing outstanding service to both residential and commercial clients in Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, The Acreage, Loxahatchee, Greenacres, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach and many other communities. We specialize in pool and spa maintenance, equipment repairs, retail supplies and equipment, and complete pool renovations and remodeling. Come by our retail location and check out our pool surface display to help you plan your pool resurface project. Financing your project is readily available. We are located at 12785A Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414 or call (561) 790-0665 for more information.

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