//What is a Pool Heat Pump?

What is a Pool Heat Pump?

What is a Pool Heat Pump?

Looking to install a swimming pool heat pump? Heat pumps are extraordinarily efficient because they don’t need to produce heat in order to warm your pool. This works by simply transferring heat from the outside ambient air into your pool water. Heat pumps are an excellent investment for humid climates like South Florida. These units are the ultimate upgrade for pool owners that want to enjoy their pool year-round.

How Do Pool Heat Pumps Work?

Pool heat pumps work by using electricity to pull heat from the air and then transfer the heat into your pool water. Air temperature and humidity play an important part in how well the heat pump will work. The more moisture in the air, the more heat the pump can extract. Pool heat pumps can pull residual heat from cool air, but work most efficiently in temperatures that do not go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit– making it the perfect addition to your Florida swimming pool.

The Pool Heating Process

The heating process starts when electricity powers the compressor to suck the refrigerant (Freon gas) and squeeze it until the temperature rises to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The refrigerant then passes through an expansion valve, which controls the flow of the refrigerant from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure end of the unit.
As pressure is released, the refrigerant turns into a hot, high-pressure gas. This gas then flows through the evaporator coils and rapidly expands and circulates through the evaporator coils as it cools. This is when the gas will release its heat into the surrounding pool water.
The fan will draw warm, ambient air across the coils, pre-heating the refrigerant gas to capture the “free” heat. The warmer the air, the more heat is absorbed by the evaporator. The process is complete when the Freon gas is reverted back to its liquid state. The warm water is released back into your pool while the heat pump pulls in more cool water for heating.
Now you can enjoy your pool all year long without leaving a significant carbon footprint. For affordable pool heating equipment in Palm Beach County, contact the pool care experts at Horizon Pool and Patio located in Wellington, Florida.

Where to Find Pool Heat Pumps in FL

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