//Energy Savings For The Pool

Energy Savings For The Pool

These days, most of us are hoping to make “green” choices that are good for the environment. When being green can also keep some green in your wallet—well, that’s a win-win!

Install a Variable Speed Pump

When it comes to your pool, one of the best ways to achieve this win-win scenario is by installing a variable-speed pump. While this type of pump may cost more upfront, the energy savings that result from the use of this more efficient pump will allow you to recoup your investment rather quickly—and after that, it’s money in your pocket.

Why does the variable speed pump use less energy?

When you have a mono-speed pump, it has to be able to achieve the most difficult job it has—running the filtration cycle. But for the other 70% or so of time it runs, it will expend that large amount of energy, even though the pump’s other functions—such as simply cycling the water–require much less power. Because this type of pump is either “on” or “off,” it is still drawing its full amount of power to circulate the water. This high level of energy usage is bad for the environment—and costs you money! The variable-speed pump can be programmed to run at various speeds that suit the job it needs to achieve at the time, thus using much less energy overall.

Other Financial Benefits For Variable Speed Pumps

Another financial advantage of a variable-speed pump is that it reduces wear and tear on the pump itself, as well as filters, heaters, chlorinators and other equipment that water flows through.

Variable-speed pumps also help make your pool area the sanctuary you dream of. Forget the jolting sound of the pump motor kicking back on. The variable-speed pump will dramatically reduce the noise level associated with traditional pool pumps.

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