//Best Ways to Cut Energy Costs During Summer

Best Ways to Cut Energy Costs During Summer

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip in your pool to cool off during South Florida’s summer season. But have you considered your monthly energy costs? This month, we picked out the best swimming pool maintenance tips and tricks to help you cut back on energy use and save money on your electricity bill.

Know When to Run Your Pool Pump

Looking for a simple solution to keep your energy costs down? Run your pool pump in the evening. The most expensive time for using electricity is from 7 AM to 7 PM on weekdays, so try switching your pump time to the evening and reduce your monthly energy use.

Buy in Bulk

In addition to running your pool pump in the evening, another great way to cut back on energy costs is to buy your pool chemicals in bulk. Many pool stores, such as Horizon Pool and Patio, offer specials on pool chemicals year-round. If you plan on shocking your pool once a week or simply want to monitor your pool’s pH levels for the rest of the summer, buying chemicals in bulk can save you time, money, and energy you’d otherwise spend fixing and cleaning your swimming pool.

Reduce Wasted Pool Water

During the summer season, pool owners should expect more water to be wasted than any other time during the year. This occurs through evaporation, splashing, leaks, and filter backwashing. Even if you have tons of activities planned this summer, there are plenty of fun and creative ways you can reduce the amount of splashing and water gone to waste.

Host a backyard movie night and hang out poolside with family and friends. Set up pool floats and loungers for guests and use a projection screen to stream your “dive-in” movie. Or, host an underwater treasure hunt free-for-all for the kids. Buy gold coins and other trinkets in bulk at your local party store to toss in your swimming pool. The player who collects the most treasure wins!

 Save on Your Next Energy Bill with Horizon Pool and Patio

Summertime is meant for swimming– but it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your monthly utility bill to enjoy your beautiful swimming pool. All it takes is a few simple adjustments and you, your family, and friends can splash, play, and jump in without spending a cent more than you bargained for. Interested in learning more ways you can help cut back on your pool’s energy use? Contact Horizon Pool and Patio today at 561-790-0665 or visit our Wellington store located at 12785 West Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414.

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