//Benefits of Using a Salt Chlorinator for Your Pool

Benefits of Using a Salt Chlorinator for Your Pool

Benefits of Using a Salt Chlorinator for Your Pool

Thinking of going chlorine-free? Saltwater swimming pools have become increasingly popular in South Florida, representing over half of new pool installation services today. Even traditional chlorine pool owners are converting their existing pools to salt chlorinator systems. So, why are Florida pool owners making the switch to salt water pools? Saltwater chlorination systems offer several advantages over traditional pool sanitization. Let’s take a look.

Swimming Pool Sanitization

Salt chlorination is a natural and convenient alternative to the harsh chemical chlorine used to treat swimming pools. Like traditional chlorine pools, saltwater pools require the right amount of pH, total alkalinity, and water hardness. Saltwater pools provide a more convenient sanitization method over traditional chlorine and produce crystal clear, clean water.

Advantages of Saltwater Chlorination Systems

As an added benefit, saltwater systems operate independently are easy to maintain. Saltwater systems produce fewer chloramines, eliminating the harsh chemical odor that comes with traditional chlorination methods. Saltwater pools reduce skin and eye irritation and greatly reduces the smell of chlorine. The best advantage of owning a saltwater chlorinator? Salt cells convert salt into active chlorine at a lower cost compared to traditional liquid or solid chlorine. This is a cost-effective alternative to chemical chlorine sanitization that can help you cut back on monthly costs.

Experience the Benefits of Saltwater Swimming Pools

Reap the benefits of saltwater chlorination in your own backyard swimming pool. Do you currently use a traditional chlorination system for your pool? Making the switch to saltwater chlorination is easy with Horizon Pool and Patio. Contact the Horizon Pool and Patio team to learn more about the advantages of saltwater pools and what you can do to start your transition to saltwater chlorination today. Ready to get started? Give us a call at (561) 790-0665 and discover what our pool care experts can do for you.

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