//4 Quick Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean This Swimming Season

4 Quick Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean This Swimming Season

As much work as it can be, cleaning your pool on a weekly basis is the best way to ensure that it is clean and safe during the summer.

Why Consistently Cleaning Your Pool is Necessary

Did you know that debris, especially leaves, can soak up chlorine and affect your pool’s chemical balance? It’s necessary to consistently clean and skim your pool weekly so you and your family have the best experience while swimming. Staying on top of maintenance not only helps you stay on top of your chores but can also prolong the life of your pool’s external and internal finishing.

Wondering Where to Start? Here are 4 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

  1. Check your supplies regularly: your pool is only as clean as your equipment, so be sure to swap out any old tools you’ve been using.
  2. Wipe/clean tile line weekly: wiping down your tile will help tone down any calcium deposits that buildup throughout the year, keeping your pool looking new even after years of use.
  3. Keep a pool log on hand: keeping a pool log will ensure that you’re being mindful and consistent. It will also help you watch for any issues your pool may be having.
  4. Always keep chemicals stored out of direct sunlight: you want to make sure your chemicals are in working order during use, so be sure to keep them stored away from direct sunlight as they can react to extreme heat.

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