//3 Pool Maintenance Mistakes You’re Making

3 Pool Maintenance Mistakes You’re Making

Having a pool is great, but no one ever said it was going to be easy. Pool chores can be stressful, and mistakes can happen to even the most skilled pool owner. That’s okay! We’re here to help you avoid these 5 common maintenance mistakes you may be making with your pool.

1. You’re not brushing:

○ You know the importance of skimming and vacuuming your pool, but do you know that algae and scum can begin to accumulate if you don’t brush your pool on a regular basis? Having a pool brush on hand to get behind ladders and in-between tile can be a lifesaver for your pool.

2. Your pool filter system is not running long enough:

○ How long are you allowing your pool filter to run throughout the day? If it’s anything less than eight hours then you’re doing your pool a disservice. The longer you run your pool filter the better your water will look, so make sure you allow your water to completely circulate your filter before turning your filter off.

3. You’re forgetting to test your water:

○ A pool can be a lot of work, but taking care of it on a daily and weekly basis can save you from having any issues with your pool in the future. Remember to test your pool water on a weekly basis. You should be checking your pH levels, salt and dissolved solids levels, your calcium hardness, and your chlorine levels. Don’t forget to bring a sample in to our Wellington location for a detailed testing!

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